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The first warm rays of sun can already be felt. The time of sea, beach days, vacations and especially lots of sun is approaching, and we are looking forward to it. Nevertheless, it is very important to take good care of your skin during these months. Of course with sunscreen to protect your skin against UV-A and UV-B radiation, but also with other products to keep your skin well-cared for in times of lots of sun. How do you care for your skin during the hot summer months? Our skin expert Caroline van Eeuwijk explains in this How to: Suncare how you can keep your skin radiant this summer with natural care products.


Sunlight contains UV radiation. The UV-radiation increases with the height of the sun and varies with the seasons and throughout the time of day. When your skin is exposed to sunlight, or UV rays, the skin will start to thicken and sends melanin cells to the surface, giving your skin that sun kissed tan. The thickening of the skin is a natural protective reaction, like a shield from the UV rays. In combination with the production of melanin, your skin already protects itself from the sun. But it’s not enough.


First of all, it’s important to apply a natural sun protection factor (at least SPF 30). Do this daily to keep skin happy and reapply every two hours to maintain the protection factor. 

Hydration is also essential. The sun dries out your skin considerably. What can you do to stay well hydrated throughout the day?

  • Drink enough water during the day
  • Spray our Balancing Toner more often. This will keep your moisture levels up.

In short, apply and moisturise!


Witlof Skincare biedt verschillende natural sun protection products with a high UVA and UVB protection factor of SPF 30. The products not only protect the skin but also nourish and care for it intensively with vitamins, antioxidants and for example hyaluronic acid. They are 100% natural, reef-safe and free from nanoparticles. To make your summer skin routine complete. Celebrate natural beauty!

Want to know which product you need? Schedule a free skin consultation with Caroline

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