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24 February 2023 | Blog | 0 comments

Who doesn’t know Ilse de Lange. Ilse is a singer songwriter with a long career in both the Netherlands and abroad. She is also known for the program The Voice of Holland. Ilse, born in Almelo, travels a lot and spends a lot of time in front of the camera. She thinks it’s important to take good care of herself and her skin and to know what you put on your skin. In this article Ilse tells about her experience with Witlof Skincare.

1. What are your favourite Witlof Skincare products and why?

I now use the Cleansing Mousse, Balancing Toner, Regenerating Oil Serum and additionally the Smoothing Peel. I like simple and effective, I have sensitive skin… these products are very soft and easy to use. Witlof is a Dutch brand and I think that’s great…. I like supporting women and Caroline and Cis are passionate women who go for quality, which is against the norm. So besides that I really like the products, it is also a nice thought to support these two women in their mission.

2. What are the main qualities that you think a skincare brand should have?

It should be easy to use and effective.

3. You travel a lot and often, how do you keep your skin cared for and what is standard in your travel bag?

For me it is very handy to have a very good makeup remover since I almost always wear makeup for work (waterproof mascara) and spend a few hours under lamps…. So when you come to your hotel room or home after a show or TV recording, you want to have your skin nice and fresh again as soon as possible and go to bed.

4. Do you do anything special with your skin before a live performance or TV recording?

Well I’m being honest…. Not really…. Occasionally I do an extra Smoothing Peel and a mask… but I’m not the type of woman who goes to a salon before every show. I am lucky that I work with very good make-up artists who always provide enough hydration under the make-up.

5. What do you choose?

Quick effect or slow (but lasting) improvement

I prefer to think sustainable, although it is sometimes desirable to be able to see a quick boost in the skin when you are tired and still have to be in front of that camera 😉

Cleansing milk or Cleansing Mousse

I would rather go for the Cleansing Mousse, I like to wash everything off with water. Using harsh cotton pads is not really my thing.

Recycled plastic packaging or glass packaging

I think we should be good to the environment so I am very much in favour of recycling packaging. The question is always whether plastic doesn’t leave particles behind in the product it packs… so glass is better as far as I know.

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