Meet Fockeline Ouwerkerk

13 March 2023 | Blog | 0 comments

The team at Witlof Skincare had the pleasure of interviewing Dutch actress and producer Fockeline Ouwerkerk about her experience with Witlof as well as her favourite products.

The 41 year old has starred in a multitude of hit movies and series and is well known for her roles in: Speech (2018), The Resistance Banker (2018) and TV series Moordvrouw (2012).

What do you know about clean beauty and how important is it to you?

Clean beauty, for me, is a natural care routine, without unnatural, added ingredients. But it still feeds and takes care of your skin.

Can you describe your skin type and what your expectations were when you started Witlof Skincare?

My skin is sensitive, I can react quickly to care products or makeup, so I was quite skeptical when I started a new routine.

As you said yourself; ‘Yes, I am very excited about Witlof’s skincare products. I’m a real fan!’ Why?

I am a fan of Witlof products because In my experience, my skin reacts very well to them, looks very calm and feels hydrated. Moreover, it is nice to use and nice to think that you are using skincare that consists of purely natural ingredients that are produced fairly.

What are your favourite Witlof products and why?

My favourite is the ‘refreshing eye Cream’. The area around my eyes is especially very sensitive, the cream immediately soothed my skin and after a few weeks, my dry / red spots have disappeared.. it looks really calm now!

And the ‘Rich facial cream’ is so delicious…I love to moisturise, and this cream is so wonderfully thick, my skin really needs that during the cold days. Moreover, the smell of the cream is so good, you almost want to eat it!

At Witlof Skincare we are convinced that healthy skin gives better skin. You don’t get healthy skin in a day. We are therefore more in favor of the long-term investment than the short-term ‘fix’. What do you think of that?

I don’t believe in a ‘Quick fix’, then you fool yourself and your skin.. it’s short term.

If you want to change something, it takes time and you have to give that time to your skin.

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