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Retinol (or vitamin A) has been a super-popular ingredient in many skincare products for a while now. But what exactly is retinol? And what does it do for your skin? In this blog, Witlof Skincare skin expert Caroline van Eeuwijk tells you everything you need to know about retinol.

What is retinol?

There are different forms of vitamin A and together they are called retinoids. Retinol is one of them and is, among other things, an antioxidant. It is certain that Vitamin A has benefits for the skin, it works against wrinkles, boosts collagen production, and also works well against acne and reduces pigmentation. The cause? Vitamin A causes a strong renewal of the skin.

But why doesn’t everyone reach for vitamin A products en masse? Because these benefits only occur when using high concentrations of retinol and you can only get these on prescription. And that’s necessary, because retinol is highly irritating in such concentrations and can cause side effects that should be avoided.

Natural vs. synthetic?

There’s just one big difference between natural vitamin A and synthetic retinol. Plants, fruits and vegetables, beans and other natural sources are the main are good Vitamin A sources. For example, we use pro-vitamin A, or beta carotene, in our Witlof Skincare products. This is extracted from orange fruits and vegetables, such as sweet potato and carrots which give them their orange colour, but also kale and spinach contain beta carotene. The nice thing about this natural pro-vitamin A, is that it is converted into vitamin A by the body itself. As soon as toxic concentrations are reached, the body stops the conversion process itself.

Synthetic retinol is made through a chemical process and may also contain chemicals that you would rather not have on your skin. In addition, synthetically produced retinol is actually too powerful for the skin. It can therefore be harmful to you in large quantities.

The Witlof Way

Witlof Skincare uses the natural pro-vitamin A, beta carotene. Our skin-renewing products, like the Smoothing Peel, Refreshing Eye Cream, Nourishing Facial Cream and Balancing Toner all contain pro-vitamin A, extracted from ginger.

Would you like to know more about vitamin A? Or are you curious which products are suitable for you? Schedule a free skin consultation with our skin expert Caroline

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