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I have been using natural skincare products for eight years now, but a fine natural toner is still missing in my toilet bag. However, most of the toners I’ve tried so far dry out my skin. This is because they often contain too much menthol and alcohol (even if it comes from a natural source) and very few nourishing ingredients for the skin itself. That’s why I was very happy when this package containing the Witlof balancing toner fell on my doormat. Especially when I read the ingredients list. The added floral waters such as rose water, cornflower water and witch hazel water sound heavenly!

A balancing toner is exactly what my skin needs right now! I have combination skin. I can see the first signs of aging (hello, cozy crow’s feet) but I also occasionally suffer from impurities. If I am to believe the description of this toner, it is suitable for both issues – great!

We are now about three weeks further and I have tested the toner extensively. By the way, I test all products that I review for at least three weeks so that I can sketch a realistic picture of the product and its effect. Fair enough, right?

I prefer to use the toner in the evening after cleansing my face and it is a great way to end my cleansing ritual. After a few sprays, my skin feels wonderfully fresh and my pores are closed. It was 100% easy.

In addition, the Balancing Toner smells really delicious (impossible not to with all those delicious floral waters!). I hadn’t expected a nice smell when I read that it contained apple cider vinegar.

The toner costs (CIS £ or E)13.95 and contains no less than 50 ml, so you can use it for a while. I will definitely continue to buy this product and have not been able to find any downside to it. Only praise for this brand and product. If you are looking for a natural toner that is suitable for all skin types – this toner is definitely worth a try!


Aqua, rosa damascena flower water (rose water), hamamelis virginiana water (witch hazel water) *, centaurea cyanus flower water (cornflower water) *, alcohol (solvent for extracts), caprylyl / capryl glucoside, perfume (essential oils for scent) *, melissa officinalis leaf extract (lemon balm) *, rosa canina fruit extract (rosehip for vitamin c) *, zingiber officinale root oil (ginger for pro-vitamin a) *, glycerin, acetic acid (applecider vinegar) *, sodium phytate , limonene, linalool, citral, farnesol, geraniol, benzyl alcohol (natural preservative), dehydroacetic acid, potassium sorbate (natural preservatives) –

* Organic origin

Hallmarks: Cruelty Free, Vegan

Country of production: Holland


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