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Viviënne van den Assem is a Dutch actress and presenter. She has appeared in ZOOP on Nickelodeon and is a presenter for RTL Boulevard. Viviënne has been using Witlof Skincare products for a while now and we were curious to hear her opinion.

What do you understand by clean beauty?
Honest, well-cared-for products that make you and your skin shine!

Natural skincare is growing and changing from niche to more mainstream. What is your opinion on this?
It is a good development that people are becoming better informed about what products they buy. In mainstream skincare, this is often forgotten, but I think it’s positive that the way to those products is easier to find!

How do you find out about ingredients before you choose a cosmetic product? What criteria do you use for yourself?
I am blessed with easy skin, so I have always used many different products and tried things out. The most important thing for me is that the products do their job, that I know what is in them and the texture. That’s what makes me find it user-friendly and use it daily.

What is your skincare routine? Do you have any special tips or beauty facts?
Cleanse every day with an oil for the whole face. If I use a lot of make-up (which is often the case with my work), I cleanse once more with a sponge. I also swear by the use of a serum and I like to vary it. Just depends on what my skin feels like.

Tip of the day: an eye mask every now and then. Wake-up feeling guaranteed!

What are your favourite Witlof products?
The Balancing Toner is number one. It smells so good and it’s easy to use because of the spray. Next to it is the Regenerating Oil Serum ENGELS. Nice and full and protects me well against the beginning of rosacea.

Choose the best option for you from the following two:

Fast effect or Slow improvement?
I always want fast effect but go for the slow improvement.

Recycled plastic packaging or Glass packaging?
Recycled plastic. I also faithfully save my packaging for the collection point.

Cleansing Milk or Cleansing Mousse?
Cleansing mousse! I love FOAM!

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