Why a skin detox?

5 October 2021 | Blog | 0 comments

Your skin is addicted

Maybe your skin feels tight and uncomfortable, for example after taking a shower. Or it will feel very dry if you haven’t put any cream on for a while. Then it’s time for a skin reset, like the Witlof Skin Detox.

There are substances in skincare products that your skin gets addicted to. That is, if you don’t use them, your skin will react with dryness or pimples. It is also possible that your skin has become dependent or lazy due to the use of certain products.

The most common addictive substance is mineral oil. By applying this type of fat too often, your skin will be covered by a layer that seals the skin. Your skin produces less sebum, becomes unbalanced, and will age faster. We actually call the skin’s own sebum the best anti-aging cream out there. The drier your skin, the faster fine lines and wrinkles will form. Moisturizing and nourishing your skin is important, but with the right fats, that respect the skin’s functions.

Not only mineral oils, but also other substances such as synthetic perfumes or certain preservatives have a negative effect on the condition of your skin.

The Results

A reset can greatly improve your skin condition. The skin renews itself. Substances that seal off the skin and have an addictive effect, such as silicones or mineral oils, or other substances that are stored in your skin, will be lost. Your skin will breathe again, can absorb nutrients, and your sebum production will optimize, making your skin less dry or less oily. You will also notice that you no longer have a tight feeling or t-zone effect, your skin will find it’s natural balance again.

Do you also want to try the Witlof Skin Detox? Read here how you do it, and how we can help you with personal advice and guidance.


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Jennifer Hoffman

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