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Set for Oily Skin

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To balance, clarify and nourish oily skin use the Set for Oily Skin. The set includes the Cleansing Mousse, Balancing Toner, Regenerating Oil Serum and the Smoothing Peel.


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Cleansing Mousse:  A gentle yet powerful cleanser, it leaves your skin looking revitalised and glowing without feeling dry or tight. The rich mousse stimulates the senses with the beautiful aroma of frangipani oil, that transports your mind to a paradise island whilst helping to reduce the visible signs of stress and fatigue (just like a vacation!).

Balancing Toner. The toner regulates the skin’s delicate pH balance and is an essential part of your daily skincare routine. Using floral waters and apple cider vinegar, this alcohol-free formula softens the skin, refines pores and evens out skin tone. Plus, the soft mist will feel like you’ve just come back from an early morning walk in the morning dew, coming back refreshed to start the day. What are you waiting for?

The Smoothing Peel not only removes dead skin cells but also ensures that your skin is able to hold moisture for longer. Fruit acids have an activating effect on the underlying skin layers which become firmer and more collagen is produced. Also blurs pigmentation and minor irregularities over time.

The Regenerating Oil Serum intensively restores the skin and its natural glow. No matter what your age or skin type, oils are a wonderful skin food.


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