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Your skin is addicted

Maybe your skin feels tight and uncomfortable, for example after taking a shower. Or it will feel very dry if you haven’t put any cream on for a while. Then it may be time for a skin reset, like the Witlof Skin Detox.

Mineral oils (also called paraffin, petroleum jelly) are a waste product from the oil industry and often the basis for a (non- or semi-natural) skin cream. Unfortunately, because mineral oils seal your skin with a waterproof layer, your skin can no longer absorb or excrete anything – two of the most important functions of your skin.

The result of using lubricating mineral oils is that your skin gets out of its natural balance. It becomes drier or more oily than it naturally is, causing your skin to age faster or get more blockages. But the most important drawback is that your skin becomes addicted to its use. You notice this when you stop, for example, after a shower, before applying your cream. Tight, dry, skins or pimples can then develop, which makes you want to lubricate again soon. This is already a well-known phenomenon among users of lip balm.

There are substances in skincare products that your skin gets addicted to. That is, if you don’t use them, your skin will react with dryness or pimples. It is also possible that your skin has become dependent or lazy due to the use of certain products.

Do you want a skin that’s healthy, balanced and glowing? Read on or do the skintest to find out more.


Cis en Caroline van Witlof


1. Stop using creams during 28 days

You stop using all products (including make-up, foundations and sunscreen products) that has one of the following ingredients on the inci list:

– mineral oil, petrolatum, vaseline, paraffine, paraffinum (liquidum), cera microcristallina, ozokerit/ceresin– dimethicone/cyclomethicone

– methyl-, ethyl-, butyl- or propylparabenen

– parfum/perfume (synthetic)


2. Cleanse twice a day & peel once a week

You will cleanse your skin twice a day with the Cleansing Mousse or Cleansing Milk and then spray the Balancing Toner on your face. It will bring the acidity of your skin back to its natural level. As an extra cleaning, it’s good to use the Smoothing Peel once a week.


You can keep cleaning your face this way for at least two, but preferrably four weeks, without using a cream or oil. In an average of 28 days, all the skin cells in your face have been renewed. In this period, your skin has rid itself of most of the residues of synthetic substances, perfumes and mineral oils. 


For the first few days you may experience a tight feeling, or may develop pimples, dry spots or flaky skin. Don’t be alarmed by this, but give your skin time to heal itself and you will see that it slowly returns to its natural balance.


A skin detox can bring a lot of improvement in your skin condition. Your renewed, healthy skin is radiant and balanced. Your skin will probably no longer be dry and tight, or you will have fewer blockages and visibly smaller pores. Your skin can breathe again and absorb nutrients, with all the beautiful results that entails.

Once you’ve completed the 28 days, just continue your cleansing routine. In addition, we advise you to do the skin test again (the result can be very different than before the detox), or to book a skin consultation for personal advice. Then you can determine which caring products are needed for you to add to your cleansing routine.

Cis en Caroline van Witlof
Cis en Caroline van Witlof


  • What if I really have to moisturize several times a day and I don’t dare to give that up?

In that case, we recommend that you detox for only one week, or maybe a day or three. That’s a lot easier to sustain. There is also a good chance that after a few days you have already had the worst behind you and you will continue detoxing with ease.If this doesn’t convince you, you know that you can always apply a little (clean, mineral oil and silicone-free) cream if you really do not stand it, like the Nourishing Facial Cream. Your skin then needs a little longer for the detox (for example 8 instead of 4 weeks), but it feels less intense.

  • What do I do to protect my skin from the sun?

First, try to stay out of the sun during the detox, or protect yourself with clothes, hat or cap. Can’t do that? Then think of clean mineral make-up (something different from mineral oil) as a foundation. These are powders that usually have a protection factor of 20/25. Finally, you can always choose to apply a (clean, mineral oil and silicone-free) sunscreen with a natural filter, like the Tinted Day Cream with SPF30

  • Can I use make-up?

It is better not to use makeup at all. Foundations or primers with mineral oil and silicones are definitely worth avoiding during and after the detox. If you still want to level your skin, you can use mineral make-up in the form of powders or (clean, mineral oil and silicone-free) liquid foundation. Also, our Tinted Day Cream with spf30 might be a solution.


normale to oily skin and dry and sensitive skin

Depending on your skin type, we have a set for you

1. Set for normal to oily skin

Contains the Cleansing Mousse, Balancing Toner and Smoothing Peel

2. Set for dry to sensitive skin

Contains the Cleansing Milk, Balancing Toner and Smoothing Peel

Do you want more information?  Or do you not know what skin type you have? Then do the skin test, send us an email at hello@witlofskincare.com or book a personal skin consultation.



Detox Set Normal to Oily Skin

94.85 Incl. BTW

With the detox set normal to oily skin, your skin will soon be healthier, cleaner and functioning better than ever before and will look younger for longer. Not oily or dry, but shiny and radiant!


Detox Set Dry and Sensitive Skin

94.85 Incl. BTW

Specifically made for dry and sensitive skin, this set contains the Gentle Cleansing Milk. Your skin will soon be healthier, cleaner and functioning better than ever before and will look younger for longer. Not dry or sensitive, but shiny and radiant!


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