Skincare tips for Pigmentation

Recognising Pigmentation spots

Hyperpigmentation is when some areas of the skin are darker than the surrounding area. It can sometimes be caused by excess sun exposure, or post-inflammatory trauma from skin conditions such as acne. At Witlof we use several ingredients that are great for helping fade these darker spots and reducing redness.

What would Witlof do?

Niacinamide (vitamin B3), found in our Rich Facial Cream, is a natural anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory, which is great for soothing irritated skin and reducing redness. Ceramides (or the skin’s own lipids) can be found in our Rich Facial Cream and can improve the function of the skin barrier, which helps to repair damage. Witlof uses Ginger Root Oil (Pro-vitamin A) which is a natural form of Retinol and can be found in many of our products, including the Cleansing Mousse, Balancing Toner and Smoothing Peel. It is a great anti-oxidant, that is powerful in the renewal of the skin, boosting Collagen production, reducing pigmentation and fading scars from skin conditions like Acne. Rosehip extract (Vitamin C) can also be found in many Witlof products, for instance, the Nourishing Facial Cream. Vitamin C is an anti-inflammatory as well as an antioxidant, so can be beneficial in soothing any irritation, whilst also helping to fade scars by boosting collagen production.

This is the most important product

Smoothing Peel (30ml)

34.95 Incl. BTW

The Smoothing Peel has an activating effect that boosts cell activity, firms cell walls and produces more collagen. It removes dead skin cells and thus helps to prevent impurities.

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