Skincare tips for Sensitive skin

Recognising Sensitive skin

If you have sensitive skin, your skin will be more reactive to certain products than other skin types and will be easily irritated. This is usually due to the loss of protection from the skin barrier, which makes it easier for irritants to attack the skin, resulting in it becoming more fragile. Sensitive skin may suffer from infections or allergic reactions and may often feel hot or be prone to redness and itching.

What would Witlof do?

It is important to use skincare products that are mild and have soothing effects if you have sensitive skin. It will also help to use less oils and keep the number of products used minimal. Flower waters, such as rose water, cornflower water and aloe vera leaf juice, have anti-inflammatory properties and are great at soothing the skin and reducing redness. Apple cider vinegar has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that can help fight skin infections and calm down any irritations or redness. These ingredients can be found in our products such as our creams, the gentle cleansing milk and, most important, the Balancing Toner.

Ceramides (or the skin’s own lipids) can be found in our Rich Facial Cream and can improve the function of the skin barrier, resulting in less sensitivity, better hydration and damage repair. It also contains Niacinamide, which is a natural anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory, which is great for soothing irritated skin and reducing redness. Artificial fragrances can also cause irritated or sensitive skin. Witlof uses only natural and organic essential oils to fragrance their products, so they smell delicious but are still very gentle on the skin.

These are the most important products

Gentle Cleansing Milk (150ml)

34.95 Incl. BTW

The Gentle Cleansing Milk cleanses in a soft, gentle way because it does not degrease the skin. Ideal if you have sensitive skin.

Balancing Toner (150ml)

29.95 Incl. BTW

536 in stock (can be backordered)

The Balancing Toner works to provide extra resistance and protection, to make your skin less sensitive. The apple cider vinegar restores your skin’s natural pH level, making it more resistant to sensitivities.

Nourishing Facial Cream (50ml)

34.95 Incl. BTW

2782 in stock (can be backordered)

The Nourishing Facial Cream is based on flower waters and enriched with plant based oils such as rosehip seed oil. A beautifully nourishing cream that is neither too oily nor too dry.

Regenerating Oil Serum (30ml)

44.95 Incl. BTW

The Regenerating Oil Serum is rich in rosehip seed oil, which is known for its repairing effect, restoring the skin structure and reducing lines and blemishes on the skin.

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