De tienerhuid – do’s en don’ts

The needs of young skin:

Recently, with the rise of TikTok and accompanying "Get Ready With Me" videos, skin care has won enormous popularity among especially young girls. 

The attraction of celebrities with shiny, smooth skin and the routines to take care of and pamper yourself is great; but, unfortunately, most brands are not suitable for use on young, healthy skin and the skin is therefore negatively influenced. 

That is of course very unfortunate, because a young skin still does exactly what it has to do and is naturally at the top of her condition; Soft, smooth, hydrated and radiant. The closest to the literal baby skin. You don't want to smear on that. In fact, it is really a matter of "less is more". 


Which products are suitable and which are not? 

The products of Witlof Skincare that are suitable for young skin are the Cleansing Mousse (to keep the skin clean), the Balancing Toner (essential for the correct pH value) and the Regenerating Oil Serum (to balance the sebum production). A no-go for young skin is the Smoothing Peel, because stimulating cell renewal is absolutely not necessary yet. The use of retinol or other types of vitamin A is also not recommended for the same reason. This can unnecessarily irritate the skin. 

Oh dear, acne right? 

It will be different when the hormones start to work. The sebum production will change and the raging hormones can cause inflammation in the skin that lead to youth pimples or even acne. More than one in three teenagers will suffer from it, what can you do best? 

First of all: don't touch it! Dirty fingers and squeezing makes the inflammation worse, which in turn can lead to permanent scars. Then it is important to keep the skin clean, but not to get rid of all the skin's own natural oils (such as violent soaps and products such as Clearasil do). That again stimulates the production of sebum through the skin.

You can keep that clean with a thorough but at the same time mild cleaner, such as the Cleansing Mousse. The use of a good toner is essential. The Balancing Toner keeps the pH value of the skin at the right level and the added apple cider vinegar has an anti-inflammatory and calming effect. Furthermore, it is important to use an exfoliant once a week in the form of the Smoothing Peel, to prevent blockages. And finally take care of it with the Regenerating Oil Serum. Oil? Yes, oil! Because "Oil Cuts Oil", or your own sebum production, calms down when using (the right) oil.

Do you have a teenage son or daughter who really likes to use skincare and wants to start early on? In any case, make sure that the products are 100% natural so that the skin is not taken out of balance and will not start to age early. Then it's nice to start using skincare and: get ready with me! 

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