I recently conducted a four-week skincare experiment with remarkable results. After trying different products, I discovered Witlof Skincare. I started a 'skin detox', where I cleansed my skin only with their products, and stopped consuming dairy products. Despite a difficult first week, my skin improved significantly and I no longer needed any moisturiser after two weeks!

Dear people,

This story is about an experiment. An experiment I have been doing for the last four weeks. With a serious result.

I had been looking for the right skincare for a while. After all, I am secretly quite beauty conscious and have tried many different things. Both big and small brands, well known brands, and expensive brands. Of course, they all did something, but addressing the problem, getting to the core and really improving my skin, most brands did not.


What you are actually doing when you put a lot of things on your skin is getting it addicted to products. Your skin can take care of itself just fine, as long as you know how that works. So how did I come to this wise conclusion? On Instagram I saw some ladies using Witlof Skincare. I liked how they always looked fresh and youthful and had beautiful, healthy skin. So I was actually “influenced”! Then I got curious and contacted this brand, asked what exactly they do and if it would help my skin as well.

After all, I have quite a combined skin type: dry patches around my mouth and nose, an oily T-zone, rosacea on my cheek and once a month some inflammation on my jawline (which really doesn’t make me happy!). Then I had a conversation with the skin specialist at Witlof Skincare. It was mainly about my skin, but (and this was new to me) also about what I eat and drink.


I then embarked on the experiment, the Witlof Skin Detox. For a month, I only cleansed my skin with the Cleansing Mousse and then sprayed the Balancing Toner on my face. I also used the Smoothing Peel once a week. That peel removed dead skin cells and helped my skin retain moisture better. Furthermore, the conversation with the specialist also revealed that it was best for me to stop using dairy products. I spent a month drinking only different types of plant-based milk; almond milk, soy milk, oat milk and I cut out cheese (but did eat goat cheese). And that was it! I just didn’t use any kind of cream, moisturizer or oil for a month!


Ok. I do have to admit, the first week I thought I was going crazy! My skin was screaming for moisture. This was caused by all  those years of feeding it with expensive creams that my skin had become addicted to. I felt I really needed a detox. After a week the feeling of tightness decreased. Sometimes I sprayed some extra Balancing Toner on my face if to give my skin some extra moisture.


But after a week and certainly after two weeks, my skin did not feel tight at all. And I didn’t need any more cream! I also took pictures, of course. With daylight only. No filter.

First you see that my skin is still troubled.

After 2/3 weeks you can see that my skin is more soothed.

And after 4 weeks my skin is more even, pores are more refined and my skin has a nice natural glow.

I thought this was an awesome experiment! Witlof Skincare has worked tremendously for me and I will definitely continue to use it!

Initially, you see that my skin is still unsettled.

After 2/3 weeks, you see that my skin has already calmed down more.

And after 4 weeks, my skin is smoother, pores are refined, and my skin has a beautiful natural glow.