A Gua Sha stone is an indispensable tool in your skincare routine, and more and more people are using it to massage the skin.


But what is a Gua Sha?

Gua Sha (pronounced gwa sja) is a treatment from Traditional Chinese medicine and it literally means: scraping the skin. The Gua Sha stone is a massage tool made from natural stone, usually jade or rose quartz, which is flat and oval with a special V-shape.



What are the advantages?

You use a Gua Sha for special facial massages that has many benefits. This ensures that your skincare products are better absorbed into your skin, stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic drainage in your skin. This in turn will reduce impurities, make your skin look tighter and firmer.



How do you use the Gua Sha stone?


You start by cleansing your skin. Use the Gentle Cleansing Milk or the Cleansing Mousse for this. Then spray the Balancing Toner on your face.


Then apply the Regenerating Oil Serum, the Nourishing Facial Cream or the Rich Facial Cream so that the Gua Sha glides more easily over your face.


Massage the face with the Gua Sha as follows:

• Massage your jawline using the V-shaped side of the Gua Sha. Move from your chin towards your ears, following the contours of your jaw.

• To define your cheekbones - use the long and curved side of the Gua Sha. Move from your nose towards your ears, following your natural bone pattern. You then slide the Gua Sha just below the edge of your cheekbone. You can use the same direction to massage the rest of your cheek.

• To get rid of bags under the eyes - use the short, convex side of the Gua Sha to gently massage the skin under your eyes.

It is important that you always work from the inside of your face outward, and the pressure is not too high - so that it stimulates lymphatic drainage.


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