Maroesja de Ruyter is a contributing beauty and health editor at Harper's Bazaar NL, a yoga teacher, and owns her own studio called Nourish Studio. She considers clean beauty to be important. Maroesja has been using Witlof Skincare products for a while now, and we were curious to hear her opinion.

What do you define as clean beauty?

Clean beauty, to me, means skincare and makeup products with pure, non-irritating ingredients and a clear conscience. The ingredients and packaging are obtained and processed in a clean and sustainable manner.

Why are you a fan of Witlof? What are your favorite products?

What I appreciate about Witlof is the high quality of their products. The combination of natural ingredients and effectiveness: it makes your skin more beautiful. I also like that Witlof makes an effort to create packaging that is as sustainable as possible. But the best thing about this brand, in my opinion, is that it is priced in a way that makes clean beauty accessible to many people. My favorite products are the Nourishing Facial Cream, which is a great no-nonsense moisturizer, the Regenerating Oil Serum, and the Cleansing Mousse. The mousse cleanses the skin effectively but in a gentle way.

How important is clean beauty to you?

Clean beauty is important to me; it aligns nicely with Saucha, which is one of the Niyamas of the eightfold yogic path. Saucha represents purity and cleanliness, not only in terms of keeping your body clean but also in terms of the purity of your actions and thoughts. It aligns with how you can make a positive impact from within yourself, as well as to the world outside.

How do you educate yourself about the ingredients in products before choosing a cosmetic product? What criteria do you have for yourself?

I read about them and often research the ingredients and their effects. I also try to find out the most effective percentage of an ingredient. I'm fortunate that, as a contributing beauty editor for Harper's Bazaar NL, I often get to interview various skin experts, dermatologists, and scientists. My criteria for myself? A transparent brand that openly shares its ingredients and production methods, the product's footprint, the company's effort to recycle. I also look for certifications and ensure that the product does not contain palm oil or microbeads.

What advice do you have for women who struggle to regularly care for their skin? Do you have any special beauty tips or tricks?

Keep it simple. You don't have to follow a 5-step routine. But remember that having beautiful skin partly comes from genetics, while the rest truly depends on maintenance. By simply cleansing your skin with a mousse and water and then using a moisturizer, you can go a long way. Do it right after brushing your teeth. It's quick and easy.

My tip: reduce stress or find ways to manage it well. Stress hormones can weaken your skin. Engage in regular exercise, practice meditation, and try to maintain a positive outlook on life. For example, write down something you're grateful for every day in a journal, even something small.

Choose between the following two options:

Quick results or slow (but sustainable) improvement

Slow, sustainable improvement

Cleansing milk or cleansing mousse

Cleansing mousse

Recycled plastic packaging or glass packaging

Glass packaging

If you want to know which product you need, schedule a free skin consultation with Caroline.

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