We are thrilled to announce that professional Handball player, Nathalie Hendrikse, has joined the Witlof Skincare family. From a young age, Nathalie has always been passionate about Handball, having been inspired by watching her mum play. While constantly being around sport, her skin faces many challenges and it turns out Witlof Skincare was the answer she needed.

How do you find that playing sport/travelling a lot to different countries affects your skin? 

My skin has to deal with a lot of sweat and showering and is always a little bit dry because of that. For me it is important that I hydrate my skin and that I can continue my skin care when I’m abroad.

What's your typical skincare routine? 

In the morning and evening I cleanse my skin with the Cleansing Mousse, use the Balancing Toner and after that, I use the Regenerating Oil Serum and the Nourishing Facial cream for hydration.

You recently completed skin detox; How did you find this process? 

My skin got very dry in the start. But I saw process after a few weeks! I love the cleansing mousse as it feels so good on my skin, and also takes off all the make-up in the evening. By the end of the process, my skin had stopped being so dry and now it feels so soft and looks so shiny!

What are some of the skin care challenges or uncertainties you've faced, if any?

I barely used SPF sun protection when I was younger and unfortunately developed some pigment spots on my face.

Would you typically look in the ingredients of cosmetics before you buy them? 

Before I got in touch with Caroline, I did not. But she told me a lot of interesting things about the ingredients and now I am more aware of what products and make-up I use on my skin.

Lastly, What does clean beauty mean to you? 

For me, clean beauty means a healthy and radiant skin where you feel good, even without wearing make-up. I feel more confident when my skin looks healthy and hydrated.

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