Do you recognise the feeling that you always feel like you need to moisturise your skin after taking a shower? Or do you have a shiny T-zone in your face? This may have to do with mineral oils, a common ingredient in cosmetics.


Mineral oils (also called paraffin, petroleum jelly) are a waste product from the oil industry and often the basis for a (non- or semi-natural) skin cream. Unfortunately, because mineral oils seal your skin with a waterproof layer, your skin can no longer absorb or excrete anything – two of the most important functions of your skin.

The result of using lubricating mineral oils is that your skin gets out of its natural balance. It becomes drier or more oily than it naturally is, causing your skin to age faster or get more blockages. But the most important drawback is that your skin becomes addicted to its use. You notice this when you stop, for example, after a shower, before applying your cream. Tight, dry, skins or pimples can then develop, which makes you want to lubricate again soon. This is already a well-known phenomenon among users of lip balm. If you'd like to learn more about the effects of mineral oils, check out our blog here.

But, once you know what you’re putting on, how do you get rid of that addiction? We recommend a skin detox. Read more about this in our blog on how to perform a skin detox correctly.


When you are choosing a skincare product to try out, you always look at the packaging and instructions, but how often do you take a good look at the ingredients list? In a lot of cases, products can be using artificial ingredients such as silicone bases, which can really clog up your pores and cause acne or irritations, which is the opposite of what you buy your products for! Moreover, harsh alcohols or unnatural fragrances can also be used, which can damage your skin barrier and cause even more problems.

Next time you try a product out, opt for a product which uses natural and organic ingredients. At Witlof Skincare, we are cruelty-free and vegan, so you know that what you're putting on your skin is natural and clean, and does not hurt animals or our planet.

Want to know more about the ingredients we use? Or unsure of what product you need? Schedule a free online skin consultation with Caroline.

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