Annemiek is a Yoga Teacher, mum of 3 boys and has been a model for the Witlof Skincare campaign. She has lived in London for 10 years moved to the Netherlands a few months ago. She keeps a healthy lifestyle and uses Witlof Skincare. We asked her a few questions.

Natural skincare is getting bigger and changing from a niche segment to more mainstream. How do you feel about this?

The world of skincare can be quite daunting. I find it quite difficult to figure out what to buy, what certain products are for, and what to put when and where on my face. For an average layman like me, it can be a minefield.

What is your skincare routine? What products do you use when and how? Do you have any fun facts, facts or beauty ‘hacks’?

I’ve always washed my face with water and a face cleansing soap, mousse…I love the feeling of cool water on my face. It wakes me up refreshed in the morning and it washes the day away at night.

What are your favourite Witlof Skincare products and why?

I clean my face day and night with the Witlof Cleansing Mousse. It works great to get rid of your make-up and even the most waterproof mascara vanishes into thin air.

I also love the argan oil, I put it in my hair the night before I wash it. Without this oil my hair turns into an out-of-control ball of frizz.

What do you think a skincare brand should comply with?

First of all, it needs to work and smell nice.

You were also a model in our first Witlof Skincare campaign. What was it like to be in front of the camera?

I knew it wouldn’t be easy breezy but it was even harder than I imagined. I got very self-conscious and was completely exhausted after that day. Ever since I have much more respect for models who make their living this way.

You became officially a yoga teacher a few years ago and since you have been growing in popularity. You also share your healthy lifestyle and inspire lots of people. How have you experienced this path?

I know you can’t fix all your health problems with more broccoli and yoga. I’ve experienced this at first hand. My mum passed away after a sickbed of 12 years, and we as a family have muscular dystrophy in our DNA (FSHD).  I do strongly believe that eating healthy and moving your body can give you the energy and life force that will help you deal with the trickier stuff that might come on to your path one day. Looking after yourself is always a good idea.

You moved to the Netherlands in September of this year after having lived in London for over 10 years. What are the 3 biggest differences?

  • There is way more rain in Holland than there is in London.
  • Holland has bike lanes which is a gods gift to my three boys who can now bike to school in safety.
  • The Dutch directness is a bit of a shocker after a decade of English politeness but slowly we are getting used to the brutal bluntness.

Quick Effect or Slow (but sustainable) Improvement?

Slow sustainable improvement, life isn’t a sprint it’s a marathon.

Cleansing Milk or Cleansing Mousse?

Cleansing mousse I love washing my face with water.

Recycled plastic packaging or Glass packaging?

I love glass always have always will there is something about the way a glass bottle feels and the sound it makes when you put it down.

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