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As passionate as we are about skincare, we are also equally as passionate about minimising our carbon footprint. That's why our Witlof Skincare Cleansing Mousse is now packaged in bioplastic. But that's not all...

For our packaging, we chose a combination of glass and plastic. Glass is easy to recycle, but is heavier to transport and therefore emits more CO2. Plastic is not always recyclable and too often ends up where it doesn't belong, such as in the ocean. That's why we chose plastic packaging that is recyclable. And with our Cleansing Mousse, we go one step further. This one is made of bioplastic!


Normal plastic is made from petroleum, bioplastic is made from ethanol, which in this case is 100% extracted from sugarcane. The use of sugar cane, among other things, reduces CO2 emissions (the carbon footprint) and reduces environmental impact. It saves 36% CO2 emissions in the production of this bottle compared to a normal one. With this, we have the first sustainable bottle that has a foam pump! Many wishes we have regarding our packaging are not yet achievable, but together with our packaging suppliers, we aim for complete bioplastic packaging by 2025. And until then, enjoy recycling!


Although not all of our bottles are made of bioplastic yet, they are all made from varying degrees of recycled plastic (for example, our Smoothing Peel is made up of 30% recycled plastic), and are of course 100% recyclable. Not only this, all of our cute cardboard boxes that we package our products in is 100% recyclable, and, of course, made from FSC certified paper. This means our paper is made from wood fibre that is responsibly sourced, so you can feel good that the products you put on your skin are not only good for you, but for the planet!


If you put your empty product packaging into a designated recycling bin and send us some proof, you will receive 5% off your next purchase, as a thank you from us for treating our planet right! This goes for any of our products.

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