Tamara Brinkman about Witlof Skincare

Tamara Brinkman over Witlof Skincare
Meet our Witlover Tamara Brinkman!
Tamara is an actress, but also a voiceover and radio and television host. She is known for her role in Dutch TV shows.

Of course we couldn't wait to interview her and talked to Tamara about her search for the right skin care for her sensitive skin and her great interest in ingredients of skincare products.

What is your typical skincare routine?

'In the evening I wash my face with the Cleansing Milk. Then I spray the Balancing Toner. I find it wonderfully refreshing. Then I massage the Regenerating Oil Serum. It is nicely absorbed by my skin. I immediately massage my face. That goes very well with the serum. Finally, I use the Rich Facial Cream. In the morning I have the same routine, except that I clean my face with water instead of the Cleansing Milk.

What are some of the skin care challenges or uncertainties you've faced?

My skin is a bit sensitive skin. I also suffer from rosacea. My skin can easily turn red from heavily perfumed products. 
When I started playing in the daily soap 'Good Times Bad Times' my skin got worse. I also wore more and more make-up and got red spots. I have been looking for fine products for a long time. A beautician once prescribed me scentless products. But it didn't make me happy either. They smell so dull. 

How important is clean and sustainable skin care for you?
I think that is very important. There are microplastics in many products. They are super bad for the environment and it just makes no sense. That really makes me angry. 

In addition, your skin is your largest organ. Everything you put on your face is absorbed by your skin. You don't want to put harmful ingredients on that. 

Do you immerse yourself in the ingredients of products before buying them? And if so, how?
Yes, I certainly pay attention to what I buy. I don't remember exactly how that started. I think by a friend of mine. She had a book. And then I saw a program on TV that sparked my interest. 
I wanted to know better what I put on my face. I did research for a while. But I also found it difficult to buy products. I was almost discouraged because I knew too much.
I have been in a confusing phase for a long time where I have tried everything and everything. That was also when I was acting a lot. But what I used back then just didn't like my skin.

What is a product you cannot live without?
I like the Regenerating Oil Serum the most. With that I can also immediately massage my face. I also really like the Balancing Toner. This is a product I didn't know I needed. I think I use way too much, but it feels so nice and fresh! I really get the feeling that it brings my face back to the correct pH value, something I didn't know about before!

Do you have any tips or tricks for skin care? 
I had a blue bottle (from a brand most people will know) to take my makeup off. And that always worked well. But then Caroline said it was quite harsh stuff. It contains a lot of alcohol. And you have to be careful with the thinner skin under your eyes. So now I use the Cleansing Milk to clean my eyes too. And only, if I have really stubborn mascara, I still use the blue bottle. But I always use the Cleansing Milk, to soften it! 
What do you think of the products of Witlof Skincare and which are your favorite?

I think the products are great. Very soft, subtle and natural. And I have a good routine. It makes me very happy.

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