Meet our newest Witlover, Annika Ijdo, and see how her skincare routine has become much simpler with Witlof Skincare! 💙
Anniika is, among other things, an influencer, singer/song writer and known for her TikTok account with more than 16K followers. She is also busy making music and writing a new EP!

Why did you become a content creator and how has your journey been so far?

I've been creating content for instagram for a long time, but never really knew how to combine being an artist with creating content. I always thought I should focus on music for my channel, while of course I have more interests, and certainly in the Coronavirus time I could not do so much with music. Now I just post what I want and I do have a number of topics that come back like (second hand) clothing, stage outfits, my cats, veganism, hair styles, but also just my daily life. I really learned to fly and talk in front of the camera on TikTok, there I felt much freer to try things because nobody knew me there. I grew much faster there, which was very nice. Then the interest was aroused to create content for brands that appeal to me, besides making music. I now know that you can combine these things very well and I like that! 

What's your typical skincare routine?

Before I did the detox, I used all kinds of things: the ordinary serums, a vegan snail serum, a cream of the action, an elf cleanser. I didn't want to spend too much time or money on it and the most important thing was that it is vegan/cruelty free. I was quite happy with my skin, but I did suffer from dry/restless skin. 

You recently completed skin detox; How did you find this process?

In the beginning I found it quite difficult not to use foundation, bronzer/concealer, because I found my skin so restless. I have freckled skin and some redness. Although I think (or want to find) that every skin is beautiful, I also have that internalized beauty ideal of even skin, so I wanted to achieve that with foundation. Then I bought a mineral foundation and blush/bronzer and now my skincare and make-up routine has become much simpler and I feel comfortable with that now. I had no idea mineral oils were bad for your skin, I had never studied that. So in that sense I found it very interesting and instructive. I was also used to applying a lot of oily products to my dry skin so it felt very uncomfortable at first and my skin was also tight. That's a little less now, especially with the cleanser as it works caring for my skin. It feels really good to use products that are really good for my skin. (I think it would be nice if Witlof also develops hair or scalp products!)

Was there a particular reason you did the skin detox?

Mostly out of curiosity, and to see how my skin would react to it after 28 days!

Are there any skin care challenges/uncertainties you've faced throughout your life?

Around the age of 13 I had a lot of hormonal acne, and then I was prescribed the Diane pill and luckily it became much less. I think we would have liked that now, but I was happy with it then. I still have some minor scars, but I'm glad my skin is healthy and I almost never have pimples again. 

What is the only Witlof Skincare product you couldn't live without?

I really like the cleanser, and the peeling too! After the peeling my skin feels super smooth.

What does beauty mean to you?

For me, it means that you use products that do as little harm as possible to the world, are not tested on animals and are vegan. 

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